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“Entrepreneurship and education are two such extraordinary opportunities that need to be encouraged and interconnected if we are to develop the human capital required for building the societies of the future.”

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

Over the last two decades social entrepreneurship has grown from a small, scattered collection of social entrepreneurs working in relative isolation to a worldwide movement and ecosystem that is now playing a crucial roles in solving some of the most complex  social and environmental problems that are facing us.


Educational institutions  can and should be playing an increasingly crucial role in the development and growth of this ecosystem through the creation of innovative social entrepreneurship programs.


Having developed award winning social entrepreneurship programs in the UK and internationally, I work with educational institutions and private accelerator programs to develop (or refine) Social Entrepreneurship programs that are holistic in their approach and that deliver proven beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Our services for educational institutions  and accelerator programs include:

✔ Development of holistic, bespoke Social Entrepreneurship Award Programs;

✔ Train the Trainer Program;

✔ Development of Mentoring Schemes;

✔ Program evaluation and impact measurement;

✔ Entrepreneur in Residence Services


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Roberto is a charismatic leader respected by students and faculty alike, he has that rare gift of transmitting his passion and energy to all those around him. Always seeing the big picture, yet able to advise and guide students on the micro details, Roberto created a 1st class university wide program at Oxford Brookes which won widespread recognition. Roberto can see the potential in others, whoever they are: colleagues, contributors or students. He’s a renowned leading thinker on his subject, always professional, down to earth and a decent, upright person. Wish he was still this side of the world!

Andy Percy

Founder and CEO, FireCactus Innovation Ltd., London

The five years at Oxford Brookes University that I worked with Roberto Daniele were amongst the most fulfilling, enriching and rewarding of my career. As leader of a new and innovative cross curricular programme which successfully introduced social entrepreneurship at Oxford Brookes, Roberto was instrumental in it moving rapidly to become a flagship programme for the entire University. His leadership enthusiasm and sincerity are infectious.

Jeff Willmore

Head of Enterprise Support (retired), Oxford Brookes University

It was a privilege to work as part of Roberto’s team when he led the national award-winning Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneurship Awards. His passion for social enterprise and making a difference was infectious. Above all Roberto’s from-the-heart approach created a vibrant, dynamic and supportive community of staff, students and alumni all taking ‘baby steps’ to learn new skills, prepared to take on new challenges and champion each other’s successes. If you have the chance to work with Roberto, take it with both hands – I have no doubt it will be a life-changing and inspiring journey.

Fee Chandler

Director, Sparkling Communications Ltd.

What I found inspiring about Roberto’s professional contribution was his unstinting belief in the power of education to make the world a better place. He engaged students with major challenges facing society and inspired them to take action. In addition, he used the university as a platform to support the development of social enterprise in the UK.

Roberto has a rare gift: in addition to being an idealist, he achieves real impact. He motivates students and entrepreneurs to live by their values and to look beyond personal financial gain as the only measure of professional success.

Donald Sloan

Chair, The Oxford Cultural Collective

Roberto lead the development of the University of Isfahan Social Entrepreneur Awards our first university-wide social entrepreneurship program. During this time, I was impressed not only with Roberto’s dedication and passion for social entrepreneurship, but also for his ability to motivate students and staff alike towards a higher purpose. Roberto brings to the table strong leadership skills which, combined with his ability to be a strong and dedicated team player make him a true champion for social entrepreneurship.

Professor Seyed Komail Tayebi

Director, International Scientific Cooperation Office, University of Isfahan

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