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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled”


If you want to make a difference in the world and “lead a life of consequence” firstly let me congratulate you: you are about to embark in one of the most fulfilling “careers” you could ever imagine!

As well as being truly inspiring and stimulating, the journey of a social entrepreneur can also be a lonely one, often filled with fear, procrastination and self-doubt.

You might be coming to the idea of social entrepreneurship from personal experiences and/or a desire to use the knowledge you have in your specific field to solve a social or environmental problem ….    But you feel unsure about your business skills or the viability of your idea …


I am here to work with you!

My coaching is designed to move you “from passion to action” by supporting you to:

Reach deeper insights into your own motivations for wanting to become a social entrepreneur … the WHY question;

Gain a better understanding of the social/environmental problem you are wishing to address through the using Systems Thinking and Gap Analysis;

Reach a clear focus  for your social venture’s Vision & Mission;

Develop and select appropriate Business Models and Value Propositions;

Develop clear and feasible strategies to achieve your goal using Lean Start-up methodologies;

Approach product/service design and development using Design Thinking approaches & prototyping;

Understand and identify sources of finance for your start-up venture;

Develop effective online marketing strategies that reach your clients ;

Understand business process design & systems to  automate the often time consuming but mission-critical back end of your business;

Measure and communicate the social impact of your business.

Why work with me?

Business & academic experience

I have been both an entrepreneur and an academic  for over 20 years and combine strong business & leadership skills with rigorous research & analytical mindset. I have developed and worked for award winning social entrepreneurship programs where I have mentored dozens of social entrepreneurs all the way from facilitating the refinement of their emerging  ideas to seeing them  launch and grow their social enterprises;  I have worked with clients in Australia, the USA, the UK, Italy, Indonesia, Nepal, and  Kenya.

Passion for enabling other people to become Changemakers in their community

Above all I can offer you loads of passion! I thrive in helping Social Entrepreneurs grow and follow their passion for systematic  change: I have had an incredibly fulfilling professional life in the world of social entrepreneurship and, in my small way, I know I have created real and lasting impact. I now wish to help others to follow an equally rewarding trajectory.

A personalised support platform

As the saying goes: “Coaching results happen between sessions” and this exactly where many coaching programs let you down: no follow up! I use my own online coaching platform that allows me to offer you a rich set of tools to guide you in your progress in between our face to face coaching sessions: journaling, task setting, worksheets, metrics, appointment scheduling and email check-ins are all accessible from your computer and mobile phone to ensure that you have all you need to keep your motivation &  progress going in between sessions.


Roberto Daniele changed my life with his passion and enthusiasm. I was an undergraduate student at Oxford Brookes University without a huge amount of motivation.

Roberto helped to kick me into action. After graduating with all my learnings from the extracurricular experiences of social entrepreneurship, I moved back to my home country in Zimbabwe where I lived and worked in the most remote, poverty-stricken parts of the country developing social enterprises on the ground that are still running and developing without me. None of this would have happened without the encouragement from Roberto, who has always been a mentor and a true inspiration. I am forever grateful for his lessons and am in awe of all that he does and continues to do in this world!

Christabelle Peach

Africa Sales Consultant, True Luxury Travel

My undergraduate course was great, but it was because of the Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneur Awards (OBSEA) that my time at Oxford Brookes was spectacular and completely life-changing. Roberto had a huge influence on my thinking, development and reflection. He consistently went over and above the call of duty to offer me his time to discuss ideas and focus my thinking. He is a man whose passion and immersion in the sector lend such gravitas to his words and actions. Moreover, a wealth of business experience meant Roberto offers real world advice, not just theoretical. I am indebted to Roberto and the OBSEA team for providing me with the direction, skills and support to create a social business that we are directing to an international stage within the next 2 years.

Ben Wilkins

Founder and CEO, Good Boost (OBSEA Award Winner)

Roberto what I want to say that you actually had such a genuine and profound impact on me and if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how long I would have taken to find my path and true potential! Your passion was tangible and kept us all going. You taught us to look for other, more important KPI’s in business. You showed us the fun, empowering and creative potential in entrepreneurship, so much so that for me there was no other way to go.

I am in the process of putting an offer in for a hotel near where I live in Scotland.

We hope to turn it into a social enterprise and breath life back into the area!

Basically, you believe in people, you believed in me and I am so, so grateful for that!! Your constant optimism and energy made it a joy to be mentored by you.

Rosie Barge

Retreat Manager, Yeotown Health and Detox Retreat

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