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“The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something that you appreciate, something that you believe worthwhile”


…. and if you can win awards in doing so even better.

✔ 2013 “Outstanding Higher Education Institution Supporting Social Entrepreneurship Award”  awarded by UnLtd to Oxford Brookes University for my work in developing their “Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneurship Awards “program (OBSEA)

✔ 2014 OBSEA wins UnLtd’s “Live It Supporter Award – Judges Choice Winners” for an outstanding example of an organisation or individual supporter of young social entrepreneurs.

✔ 2014 OBSEA program shortlisted for the highly prestigious Guardian Education Awards in the “Student Experience” category and comes second.

✔ 2015 I receive the prestigious “Making the Case Award”from the Association of Tourism and Hospitality Educators (ATHE)  for the work done on developing  the Tourism Industry Social Entrepreneurship Partnership (TIPSE)

✔ 2016, I receive UnLtd’s “Higher Education Social Entrepreneurship Champion Award” in recognition of my work in promoting social entrepreneurship in the UK.

✔ 2017 Oxford Brookes wins the Higher Education Institution (HEI) Recognition Award for Innovation in Partnership and Ecosystem Development, for work in social innovation and developing partnerships at regional, national and international levels through OBSEA.

✔ 2018 Isfahan University Award of Merit for my work in developing the largest social entrepreneurship program in Iran on behalf of the University of Isfahan.


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