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“When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills”

Chinese Proverb


Changemakers’ Lab was established with the express mission grow the social enterprise ecosystem by helping people and organisations through 3 distinct offerings:

Start-up programs

Working with educational institutions and  the private sector to develop or enhance Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programs.


Supporting aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs by providing Personalised Coaching Services. 

Community support

Working with local councils and community groups to develop Place Based Social Entrepreneurship Programs.

Changemakers’ Lab is driven by these imperatives

Need to change

Business as usual is no longer sustainable: I seek to make my small but positive contribution to the world – by helping changemakers to firstly re-imagine what is possible and enabling them to bring their ideas to fruition.

Adopting regenerative practices

Sustainability is no longer enough: I strive to embrace adopting regenerative practices and making them the context in which I deliver my social entrepreneurship and coaching programs so that we can flourish in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Growing together

I seek professional and personal growth by virtue of the projects I choose to engage in: working with clients, colleagues and friends with a sense of shared purpose and a view of moving the ecosystem forward together.

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Roberto had a huge influence on my thinking, development and reflection: he consistently went over and above the call of duty to offer me his time to discuss ideas and focus my thinking . I am indebted to Roberto for providing me with the direction, skills and support to create a social business that we are directing to an international stage within the next 2 years.

Ben Wilkins

Founder and CEO, Good Boost (OBSEA Award Winner)

The five years that I worked with Roberto Daniele were amongst the most fulfilling, enriching and rewarding of my career. During our time working together we secured funding, established a partnership with the University of Oxford, established a forum for burgeoning local social enterprise community nationally and internationally and won numerous recognition awards for our innovative approach.

Jeff Willmore

Head of Enterprise Support (retired), Oxford Brookes University

What I found inspiring about Roberto’s professional contribution was his unstinting belief in the power of education to make the world a better place. In addition, he used the university as a platform to support the development of social enterprise in the UK.

Donald Sloan

Chair, The Oxford Cultural Collective

I got to know Roberto during his time working with the University of Isfahan to lead the development, launch and delivery of our first university-wide social entrepreneurship program. The program, one of the first of its kind in Iran, attracted a high number of students as well as considerable attention from media, industry and government institutions.

Professor Seyed Komail Tayebi

Director, International Scientific Cooperation Office, University of Isfahan

It was a privilege to work as part of Roberto’s team: his passion for social enterprise and making a difference was infectious. His ambitious thinking and vision forever led us forward to push the boundaries of the program both in the UK, and internationally. If you have the chance to work with Roberto, take it with both hands – I have no doubt it will be a life-changing and inspiring journey.

Fee Chandler

Director, Sparkling Communications Ltd.

Roberto is a charismatic leader who has that rare gift of transmitting his passion and energy to all those around him. He’s a renowned leading thinker on his subject, always professional, down to earth and a decent, upright person. Wish he was still this side of the world!

Andy Percy

Founder and CEO, FireCactus Innovation Ltd., London

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